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    EKiTE (Epidemiology in Kidney Transplantation - a European validated database) is a European database of high quality medical data of kidney transplant reciptients. Currently, the database contains data from four large university hospitals in Europe: Bellvitge University Hospital (Spain), University Hospital Leuven (Belgium), Nantes University Hospital (France) and Oslo University Hospital (Norway). The objective of this project is to facilitate epidemiological research in kidney transplantation on an international level, to enhance the care of kidney transplant recipients.

    The EKiTE network encourages collaborations. Guidelines on how to request raw data or data analyses from the cohort are available in the access to data section. Centers interested in joining their data to the EKiTE database are referred to the section Join EKiTE. The remaining sections of this website give information on ongoing research projects, results and the functioning of the network.

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    We have obtained funding from the University Hospital of Nantes and are currently in the process of setting up the EKiTE network. The first data is expected to be available by January 2017.

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